Syllabus 2021-22


AP Literature Course Description


AP Lit Skills and Skill Categories


Summer Reading Assignment


Open-Ended Prompts (1970-2019)


6-Point Scoring Rubrics


6-Point Flowcharts (detailed description)


Gerber's Course Outline


AP Domain-Specific/Academic Terms


Literary Terms General


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Close Reading Worksheet


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Senior Board: ESHS Counseling


Counseling Powerpoint: Class of 2022


Class Notes/Homework 

Welcome Scholars!


Essential Questions

Whether discussing class goals and expectations, reading, or writing an essay, the following questions will guide our thinking toward work that is challenging, purposeful, and enriching.

 l Why AP?

 l Why read old literature?

 l What does effective writing look like?

 l To what extent can we learn about ourselves by studying literature


Enduring Understandings

 l An effective AP course prepares students not only to pass the AP exam in May, it also prepares

      students to read and write at a college level and to think critically and creatively in a variety of


 l Literature offers timeless insights into the human conditions; as we study literature, we study


 l Writing is a craft that meets the intellectual, creative, and analytical needs of writers and readers.


Major Concepts/Content

This course prepares students for the AP English Literature and Composition exam.  At the same time, students experience the environment of a college class through individual study, class discussions, and writing assignments that focus on analysis, literary appreciation, and critical thinking.   Moreover, the curriculum and grading system are consistent with the College Board AP course description and scoring guides.  In terms of rigor and workload, this course is comparable to college- or university-level classes.  To that end, students scoring a 3 or above on the exam receive college credit at most colleges and universities throughout the United States. 


AP English Literature and Composition is something of a paradox. It is indeed rigorous, but it also enjoyable. The literature is enormously engaging, the work satisfying, and the class environment vibrant. Students will be challenged, but it is fair to say that if students engage in the work, they will emerge from the course with college credit and skills.  More importantly students will garner timeless insights about themselves, the human condition, and the world.