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Puritanism & Colonialism


Romanticism & Literary Nationalism




The American Classic (1870 - 1915)




The Hemingway Hero


Neo-Realism (1915 - 1945)


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Ode to the Modernists

A late night reflection


I write this modernist poem now

Beyond when I should be in bed

I hope this what you'll allow

I cannot draw, I write poetry instead


The stories were always pretty tough

the ambiguity omnipresent

and just when I'd had enough

They'd end with a theme most unpleasant


"Brother Death" was more or less

a story about cutting down trees

But when Ted breathed his last breath

There was more that just what the eye sees


"The Bear" was certainly always there

and the boy learned to play fair

but eventually, to the boy's despair

When he saw the bear he could only stare


Great poetry was the only thing

That modernists couldn't exhaust

Hearing the verses my heart would sing

Chills brought on by Robert Frost


So to the perplexed, dazed, and confused

I certainly understand

Hearing that, I'm sure they mused

That's just what the modernists had planned

                                    - Joey Martinez

                                             The Mighty Period 5

                                     Class of 2014


H O M E                    9   H O N O R S                    1 1   H O N O R S                    L I N K S                    C O N T A C T