1984/Brave new World



What is Utopia?

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Pizza and Big Brother

Since humankind crawled out of the caves and established civilizations, we have struggled to create the perfect societies and communities. In a real sense, human history is the search for the elusive utopian dream. Each society has sought to create for itself the perfect society in which to live.

The word utopia originates from the Greek. The root "topos" means land and the prefix "u" is a negative prefix. Thus utopia literally means "no-land." The ancient Greeks understood the fallacy of a perfect society in an imperfect world. Nevertheless, we as a human species have tried to established the impossible. 

The novels Brave New World and 1984 are dystopias. Huxley and Orwell knew that perfect societies could not exist, and they warn us that the attempts to establish perfect societies could lead to our worst nightmare.




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